A little about myself

You can download my full academic CV here

I grew up in southwestern Germany at the border to France where the weather is good and people like to drink local wine out of funny-looking glasses while chatting and eating tarte flambée.

I moved to Berlin to study mathematics and social science. There the sky is usually grey, there is no wine and people are mostly grumpy. Nevertheless, the city grew on me and I stayed a little longer to complete my PhD in the machine learning group at TU Berlin where I developed new methods for dynamic settings in computational neuroscience and natural language processing.

I still enjoy travelling the world and getting to know different cultures by staying a little longer in one place and get in contact with locals. This is why I studied a year in Spain, went to Brazil for an internship, to Cuba for a summer school and to Colombia for social work.

I recently joined Coastal in Copenhagen as a Postdoctoral researcher where I will work on fairness and interpretability in NLP in particular on studying additional attributes that cause bias in NLP tasks and gender-sensitive language in pre-trained language models.